Recognized by: NCTE Affiliated by: WBUTTEPA WBBPE


Infrastructure Details

Multipurpose Hall (in Sq m.) - 205.66

Library-Cum-Reading Room (in Sq m.) 85.97

ICT Resource Centre(In Sq m.) 49.47

Curriculum Laboratory (in Sq m.) 325

Art & Craft Resource Centre (In Sq m.) 36.80

Teaching Learning Resource Centre (In Sq m.) 51.12

For Arts & Work Experience

Health & Physical Education Resource Centre (In Sq m.) - 24

Principals Office (in Sq m.) 12.44

Staff Room (in Sq m.) 49.07

Administrative Office (in Sq m.) 45.14

Girls Common Room (in Sq m.) 19.51

Seminar Room (in Sq m.) 99

Canteen (in Sq m.) 36.46

Separate Toilet Facility for Boys & Girls(in Sq m.) 107.73

Parking Space (in Sq m.) 231

Store Room1 (in Sq m.) 8.9

Store Room2 (in Sq m.) 8.9

Multi Purpose Play Filed (in Sq m.) 3152.27

Boys Common Room (in Sq m.) 17

Office Room-1(in Sq m.) 25

Office Room-2(in Sq m.) 33

Security Room (in Sq m.) 19

Performing Arts Room (in Sq m.) 47.43

Generator Room (in Sq m.) 20

Other Remaining Built Up Area viz gallery

Staircase,Ramp etc(in Sq m.) 890.02

Total Built-Up Area on the basis of above details (in Sq m.) - 3211.87

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